3 Important Things To Remember When Training Your Puppy

There are as many ways to raise a puppy as there are to raising a child. In fact, one way per family in general! But most of us agree that when it comes to children, certain things are universal and undisputed. Here are three things that a lot of people just do not think of … Continue reading 3 Important Things To Remember When Training Your Puppy

Dog Training – Teaching Your Puppy to Accept His Collar

Learning to walk on a collar and leash is the basis of all further training for every puppy. Until the puppy has learned to accept the collar and leash, it will be impossible to perform any additional training.

Tips To Naming Your New Puppy

Over the course of its life, you will use your dogs name more than 35,000 times. So be sure youre picking a name you can live with and love...

Before You Bring Your New Pit Bull Puppy Home

There are several things one should consider before adding a Pit Bull terrier to your household.

Great Tips For Breeding Your Dog

Choosing to breed your dog is a big decision and its natural to feel a little uneasy about the process. These dog breeding tips will help things go smoothly and help you enjoy the entire process.

Dos and Donts Of Teaching Your Puppy Proper Socialization Skills

Teaching a puppy or a dog proper socialization skills is vital to the safety of both your dog and other dogs and people with whom he comes into contact

Choose Safe Dog Toys for Your Small Dog or Puppy

Choosing the appropriate toys will make your small dog’s play time richer, while lessening his chance of accidental injury.