Useful Steps On Getting Your Pets To Take Pet Meds

All pets depend on their owners with everything they need. Their owners usually give even the basic things to them. These include foods, shelter and pet medications.

Your Dogs Instincts – A Modern Day Pet or Primal Beast?

A dog’s behavior is influenced by certain basic instincts which you should be aware of if you want to understand your dog.

Doggie Food: Tips On Good Nutrition for Your Dog

If you have a dog of your own you will know that a full tummy doesn’t nearly cover the whole process of deciding which dog food to buy.

Hidden Cameras For Pets

Have you ever wondered where your dog goes all day? Or where the kids go when they have the dog along? You could easily find out with these hidden cameras.

When Pets Lose their Pet Pals — Do They Grieve too?

With the fact that your pet isn’t human, you think humans are the only ones that can feel the loss of a loved one? While we obviously don’t know for sure – think about it. If pets eat like we do, sleep like we do, have the same body make up (within) like we do, … Continue reading When Pets Lose their Pet Pals — Do They Grieve too?

Pet Health Insurance in the USA

Pet health insurance companies are hoping that someday pet owners in the United States will catch up with European pet owners...

Things To Consider Before Giving Someone A Dog As A Gift

As a general rule, it is unwise to ever give someone a dog as an unsolicited gift. A dog is a large commitment, and there are animal shelters full of unwanted Christmas, Easter and birthday pets as gifts...

Can You Rename A Dog You Get From A Shelter?

Dogs respond to the vowel sounds more than the consonants. If you change the name but keep the same (or similar) vowel sounds, chances are it'll be completely seamless...