Enjoyable Activities With Your Dog

A dog is more than just a pet. It is a friend one can always count on when things go wrong and no one seems to care.

Global Positioning: Finding Your Lost Pet Quickly

If youre pet does get lost finding them soon will reduce the threat of serious harm coming to them.

When Pets Lose their Pet Pals — Do They Grieve too?

With the fact that your pet isn’t human, you think humans are the only ones that can feel the loss of a loved one? While we obviously don’t know for sure – think about it. If pets eat like we do, sleep like we do, have the same body make up (within) like we do, … Continue reading When Pets Lose their Pet Pals — Do They Grieve too?

Holistic Pet Care, Is It A Superior Means Of Pet Care

Holistic pet care is a fantastic means of not only curing your dog, cat , horse or any other animal you have domesticated, but preventative practice to make sure your pet doesn’t get sick.

Things To Consider In Choosing A Pet Sitter

If you own a pet chances are you might be faced with the need for someone reliable to look after your pet.

Things To Consider Before Giving Someone A Dog As A Gift

As a general rule, it is unwise to ever give someone a dog as an unsolicited gift. A dog is a large commitment, and there are animal shelters full of unwanted Christmas, Easter and birthday pets as gifts...

Can You Rename A Dog You Get From A Shelter?

Dogs respond to the vowel sounds more than the consonants. If you change the name but keep the same (or similar) vowel sounds, chances are it'll be completely seamless...

Stuck Inside? 6 Fun Enrichment Activities For You and Your Pet

It’s no secret that pets provide love, loyalty and affection. This is even more apparent now that you’re spending more time at home with them...