Where Should Dogs Sleep?

Like dogs, humans in some ways, are pack animals too. But we all learn to sleep alone in our beds, rather than with our parents or siblings, without feeling lonely or worrying that they don't like us.

How Can I Make my Dog Comfortable Around Children?

Here are some tips and some advice to adhere to when it comes to getting a frightened or timid dog comfortable around children...

Teaching a Dog to Cross The Street Safely

It’s summer time and most of us are out and about, enjoying the nice weather. Even if you’re not big on the outdoors, it’s easy to still find yourself walking your dog through the neighborhood more now than ever.

Teaching a Dog To Play Fetch

The end goal when undergoing this endeavor is to make the dog enjoy and initiate playing fetch. This is closer to classical conditioning than to operant conditioning.

How Can I Tell the Difference Between Play and Aggression at the Dog Park?

It is often the fear and misunderstanding of dog owners that they transfer to their dogs, which leads to bad situations.

5 Reasons Why Dogs Don’t Like Certain People

If your dog who is usually friendly, growls at or doesn't like someone approaching you on a walk, listen to him. Dogs can sense "bad people"...

How Do I Protect My Dog From Other Dogs Who Are Off Leash When On a Walk?

First, double-check the dog's body language to gauge whether they seem friendly or aggressive...

Can Choke Collars Be Used to Successfully Train Dogs?

3 important factors to consider when it comes to choke collars are... weigh the pros and cons of each method...

How To Manage Excessive Hair Shedding From Your Dog

Generally speaking, you can't control the shedding since it needs to happen. The best preventative measure you can take is to brush/groom the dog regularly to ensure that the old hair is removed...