Dog Tips: Learn How To Read Your Pit Bull Terrier

Dog training is an art and there are right ways to go about it, as well as wrong ways. An often overlooked aspect of dog training is how your dog communicates back to you. If you want to successfully train your American Pit Bull Terrier, youll have to work hard on understanding how he communicates with you.

Youll only be able to form a close bond where you understand your Pit and he understands you, when you can read his non-verbal body language. An excellent way to begin learning about your Pit Bulls body language is to watch his interaction with other dogs. This is just another benefit that youll get from a properly socialized dog.

So what things should you look for specifically? Watch how your dog responds to the movements of other dogs. How does he greet dogs he knows? Dogs he doesnt recognize?

Ask yourself these questions when you are learning about your dogs communication language and actions. Reading books about wolf behavior is another thing that you can do to greatly improve your understanding of dog communication.

Why study wolf behavior? you ask? Wolf behavior and dog behavior are closely related. Since they are both so similar, the interactions of wild wolves gives us a chance to monitor their communication habits without any human interference.

Most dogs, if not all of them, have a habit of licking people’s faces and mouths. You many not understand why dogs do this, but close observation of wolves has shown that wolf puppies are fed by the older wolves in the pack through regurgitation. Mouth and face licking persists as they get older as a way of greeting another animals.

Spend some time trying to understand your dog and closely watching his communication habits. Before long, youll understand him better and the bond you share will be even stronger!

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