Advice For A Hyperactive Puppy

One sign to watch out for is what should be a tired puppy suddenly running laps around the room like its been stung by a bee. That’s a sure indicator of boredom and pent up energy. The same way a toddler will get cranky when he’s really tired, a puppy will just keep running around.

You’ll have to calm him down until he gets a chance to realize how tired he is, either by sending him to his home/crate, (be sure to do it in a happy voice though), or by petting him with long, slow strokes and speaking in a soothing and calm voice.

A good way to teach your dog not to jump up on people is to get him to sit in front of you and slowly lower a treat from your forehead down to your puppy. When he jumps up, pull your hand back out of reach and verbally mark the loss of the reward (“ah-ah” or “no” in a stern voice).

Find your dog’s threshold for how low you can go before he jumps and, when reaching it without the puppy jumping up, immediately reach down all the way and reward him with the treat. Do this a couple of times, then move your hand a bit lower before rewarding him.

It’s perfectly ok if your puppy gets it wrong once for every four or five times he successfully stays sitting. That way, your puppy learns very quickly that, if he jumps up, it will lose out on the treat but if he sits still, happiness ensues and good things happen.

The most important thing to remember is that as long as you socialize & exercise him early on and often enough, eventually he will calm down, it’ll just take time. 3 Helpful tips are:

  1. Get him used to people. Bring friends round, bring him to puppy classes. If humans and attention are what excites him, more interaction may help to lower the tendency to become hyperactive after a while. This however is a slow process and will take some time so patience is key.
  2. Try to find a toy, long lasting chew, bone or rawhide which occupies him.
  3. Ignore the hyperactive behavior, eventually he will get tired and lay down and or fall asleep then only give affection whilst he is in a calm state.
  4. Try using some calming aids/treats, I have come to realize that the hemp calming aids which can be found online, (amazon has the best and most potent ones) along with hemp calming oils are the most effective to help calm my dogs.

Your dog needs to have a spot for himself, a crate, a large enough dog bed, or something similar, where you can send him. This should never be used as a punishment but a place for him to “hang out” and what he considers to be his safe spot/den.

Once the order of “go home” is learnt, it will be a lot easier for you to help your dog calm down.

If your doggy wants to play it is a good sign! But make sure you are the one initiating all the play times. If he comes to you with a toy or just try to get your attention, ignore him, or even a calm, firm and assertive “no” might be in order if he insists and 5 minutes later go play with him. This way you will be the one who controls, and you will teach your dog that bugging you to play is useless.

It is also normal that your dog sleeps while you are not around. As most animals, when their needs are fulfilled and no other stimulant is around, they are recovering or saving energy to be ready if something happens. Don’t forget dogs used to live in the wild and inherently still behave/react in many ways as their ancestors did years ago in the wild.

Personally, I have found out that making him use his brain during playtime was a good way to make him learn, learn about him and tire him down somewhat quicker The Brain Training For Dogs Course can give you ideas and methods when it comes to mentally stimulating games and activities for your puppy.

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