Canine Enrichment

What is canine enrichment?

Canine enrichment is a process for improving the environment and behavioral care for domesticated animals which plays an important role with regards to their behavioral needs. 

The Benefits Of Canine Enrichment:

Canine enrichment improves and enhances a dog’s mental state by using a variety of activities which are designed to challenge and exercise their brains. The dog will have reduced stress as well as long term physical and behavioral health. These activities encourage your dog to problem solve, learn new skills and become more confident. Not to mention, they love it!

7 Different Types Of Enrichment


  1. Food/Treat Maze & Puzzle Toys
  2. Opportunities To Forage
  3. Instrumental Condition/Training

Feeding & Taste:

  1. Wide Selection Of Treats
  2. Food/Treat Maze & Puzzle Toys
  3. Hand Feed (Builds Trust/Promotes Bonding as Well As Bite Inhibition)

Physical Exercise:

  1. Taking The Dog For A Walk
  2. Taking The Dog Running With You
  3. Playing A Game Of Fetch

Novel Experiences:

  1. Outdoor Access
  2. A Change Of Scenery


  1. Listening To Music
  2. Listening To Audio Books
  3. Interaction With Toys

Visual Stimulation:

  1. Mobile Phones
  2. TV’s
  3. Room With A View Out Of The Window

Relating To The Sense Of Smell (Olfactory):

  1. Novel Scents
  2. Nose Work (Sniffing)
  3. Pheromones

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