10 Things You Should Never Do To Your Dog


It is a commonly known fact that humans are codependent not only on each other but even on other species of living things as well. If you do not agree, simply take a look around you. You will find quite a lot of people tugging their dogs along on a walk or stroking their cat’s soft fur on a lazy afternoon.

Once these animals become a part of the family, it is only natural to love and treat them as one of your own. Mistreating them is not only heartless; it also causes the animals to feel betrayed by those they are supposed to trust and have offered so much love to. Here are some things you should avoid doing to your dogs to keep them feeling loved, satisfied and disciplined.

  1. Leaving Your Dog Outside Too Long:

Allowing your dogs to stroll in the yard and enjoy the fresh air is never a bad idea. However, leaving them out there for the entire day with the hot sun burning down on them certainly is. Make sure they are well-sheltered and have enough cool shade to keep them from getting dehydrated and healthy.

  1. Neglecting Them While On A Walk:

There are several unfortunate cases wherein dogs meet their untimely end due to neglect on the part of their owners. Do not allow yourself to get too distracted by your phone or surroundings enough so that you do not have a tight grip on the leash. The dogs may just escape and run off when the chance of having a severe accident, resulting in injuries or even fatalities.

  1. Feeding Them Potentially Dangerous Food:

Though sharing some of your meals with your dog is often tempting and looked at as a sweet gesture, it is highly important that you carefully monitor what you are feeding them. An example can be found in this article which goes over common foods and whether they are safe or not safe for dogs to eat.

  1. Leaving Your Dog Alone In The Car:

This is an especially disastrous idea if you happen to live in a city that usually has very hot weather. Cars can end up getting unbearably hot in places like that and without any ventilation or cool wind, your dog could even end up dying. Making sure to regulate the temperature is highly important on top of not leaving them alone in a car with the windows rolled up too much and for too long.

  1. Hitting A Dog:

Hitting just about any living creature, may that be a human or a dog, is a senselessly cruel thing to do. If you want to punish your dog for bad behavior, this is certainly not the means to do it. Not only would it make the dog infinitely more scared of you and ruin your bond together, but there are also chances he could lash out due to his instinctual nature.

  1. Ignoring Your Dog’s Hygiene:

Dogs can end up with more problems than you might suspect if their hygiene is not taken care of. Be sure to give them baths and brush their teeth when you are supposed to, to prevent issues like tooth infections and skin/coat issues. Not only would that be a hassle for you due to multiple trips to the vet, but the dog would also be more stressed, agitated and in pain.

  1. Getting The Wrong Collar:

Dogs happen to come in different shapes and sizes and that is a fact to be remembered while getting their accessories and supplies. An important aspect also tends to be a collar that can end up being highly uncomfortable for a dog if you get one that is too long, too short, or too tight. Be sure to be vigilant and do your research in this direction.

  1. Overfeeding Your Dog:

Promoting good behavior definitely calls for a way to allow for positive reinforcement and in most cases, that way is to allow the dog a treat. Though that may be all well and good, try to keep it limited and healthy so as to not upset their stomach or have another issue arise such as overfeeding which can lead to obesity.

  1. Being Lax With Visits To The Vet:

Going to the vet whenever you feel like a dog is behaving in an unusual manner is definitely advised. Self-diagnosis is not enough to get to the root of the actual problem if it ends up being more severe than what you originally thought. The vet will give an accurate diagnosis and a clear path to follow to treat the issue in the most proper and effective way.

  1. Encouraging Inappropriate Behavior:

Inappropriate behavior may appear adorable initially but may even lead to aggression on the dog’s part. This can be a disagreeable situation for both you and your dog so it is best to prevent it from springing up or continuing. For help with training >>Click Here.


Dogs are definitely a “man’s” best friend with their endless amounts of unconditional love, happiness and loyalty. Being sure to treat them right will only cause them to give you more love and affection and strengthen your bond.

Never forget to take care of your dog’s needs, raising them with rules, boundaries and limitations, being the leader of the “pack” and having that calm and assertive energy when training them, show them how much you care and love them every day and what you get in return will be unconditional love, a life long friend, companion and protector of you and your family.

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