Long Lasting Dog Chews

Some of the KONG dog toys have been said to be virtually indestructible and are some of the toughest and most durable on the market—even for power chewers.

Pig ham bones: last for a long time as well, if you don’t mind the likelihood of there being a mess of slobber and tiny bone chips on the ground afterwards. Not recommended (and in case of the organic free-range pig chews, be careful and give in moderation because of pseudorabies). Eating the whole thing leads to an probable long digestive nap.

Cow feet and marrow bone: Dogs love chewing off large parts of the joint cartilage. Should last for a number of days.

Raw beef soup bones and long bones. The dog will spend days chewing them and not be able to finish them. You can keep them as long as you can tolerate having bones lying around. They’re not ideal to have lying around the house, however. It may be possible to have one bone in the house at a time after any meat has been chewed off it.

Also things like pigs’ trotters and ears (not processed).

The problem with rawhide is a lot of the packaged products are not natural and processed to a point that is alarming to make them look desirable to the owner. Also, if he’s chewing through things rapidly, too much rawhide may cause him to become constipated. It was something I did feed decades ago. I’d be cautious now because of the processing and feed no chew outside of moderation and careful observation that comes out of a package.

If you want a chew that can be chewed reasonably quickly, then brisket bones are ideal, depending on the dog they can last for 2o minutes to an hour (or longer for small dogs). The other thing is raw chicken pieces, but they are eaten quickly, but still good for teeth.

Disclaimer: Avoid giving dogs cooked bones as they tend to splinter. Especially chicken bones.

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