How To Stop Your Dog From Jumping

A jumping dog who calls for your attention looks adorable at first. However, if this becomes a habit, it can be both frustrating and irritating. The good news is, there are several methods to curtail this common behavioral problem. Yes, you can totally stop your dog from jumping up on you and visitors to your home by using appropriate training techniques.

The primary key for successfully stopping your dog from excessive jumping and or jumping at all is “consistency” in training. When your dog jumps up, turn your back to him or her, avoid eye contact and talking to them and cross your arms until they stop and walk away. Don’t reach down and fetch your dog from the ground. This kind of response will encourage your dog to continue jumping.

For instance, if you’ve just arrive to your home after a tiring day from work, don’t greet your canine and stay calm. Use Cesar Milan’s method of no touch, no talk and no eye contact when you first meet any dog for that matter for the best response/ calm behavior from him or her.

If you act too lively and run in to the house, or use the “baby voice” while talking to them your dogs can get too excited and will associate your tone of voice and hand gestures as signals that you want to play with him.

Every time your dog jumps unnecessarily, do this kind of exercise again and again until he or she finally understands you. You must also hold your canine’s training collar under his chin and pull it downwards in instances like walks outside if they try to jump up on someone else.

To make the training even more effective, give your dog some positive reinforcements whenever they obey you and stay on the ground by rewarding them with dog toys and treats.

Meanwhile, if you don’t want your dog to disturb your visitors, you can put him or her on a leash while continuing redirection and consistency with your training to help stop any unwanted behaviors.

Also train him or her to follow the Sit command. When your dog barks and jumps, advise your visitors to just ignore him. If your pet tries to jump up, say “sit”. Don’t shout when saying it though, for it will only make them more excited.

These training methods, however, can only be successful if all the members of your household follow the same rules and no one lets them get away with certain things like jumping, that another family member won’t.

This could confuse the dog. Avoid giving mixed signals. Make sure the same training method is employed by all family members to totally curtail your dog’s jumping problems and that everyone in your household is on the same page.

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