How To Detect Signs Of Pregnancy In Dogs

Most of us know that the gestation period is always a special time to care for waiting mothers – humans or animals alike. Female dogs require special care during their pregnancy period.

This is because they experience changes in weight, appetite, behavior, hormones, etc. In this article we go over how one can detect the early signs of pregnancy in dogs.

These signs may not always be easy to see. You must pay attention to them. That’s the way to provide adequate care for your dog during and after her pregnancy.

Early Signs of Pregnancy in Dogs:

If you are not aware of your dog’s mating history, you may not know that it is pregnant. Well, it might take about three weeks before your dog begins to show signs. The following are some things you should notice if she is pregnant…

🕐 Behavioral changes: less active, slow and easily tired
🕐 Loss of appetite
🕐 Enlarged abdomen and gained weight
🕐 Hormonal changes: vaginal discharge, depression, irritability to strangers, etc.

What Can I Do To Help?

It would help if you specially cared for your pregnant dog. The appetite of your dog will increase, so you need to purchase more food. You must be attentive to the amount and the type of food she eats during this period.

Ensure the food is high in protein, fat, and minerals. It is also advised that you consult with your veterinarian for specific instructions and recommendations.

Finally, it would be best if you reduced the exercise for your dog. Only a little walk and playtime is advised. Don’t forget; this is the time to show special attention to her and to do all that needs to be done to ensure she is under the least amount of stress, if any and that she will have a healthy litter of puppies. Which is both a blessing and exciting for her and everyone involved who will take in one of the pups after they are born.

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