How To Keep Your Toddlers Safe Around Dogs

Toddlers are free-spirited and innocent beings. They can relate to anyone or anything with their innocence. They play even with dogs, like their friends.

They cuddle, hug, and kiss them. But children can be unpredictable and may do something a dog doesn’t like when they play. This can put them at risk of causing something bad to happen.

Essential Safety Tips…

In order to ensure a toddlers well-being, it is advised for parents to take the following safety tips seriously. They include:

-Teaching your toddlers to play safely with your dogs. You must inform them that dogs often don’t do well with running or staring at them in the eyes.

Your little one must learn to pet/pat your dog gently and not to pull their tail, stick there hand down it’s mouth, take their toys or bones while they are chewing on them.

-You must know the back story of your dog if you’ve adopted one. You must ensure that your dog doesn’t have a history of aggression or a history of disliking children.

It is advised that before you bring a new dog into your home or buy a new dog, it is important to take all the necessary precautions and steps to properly introduce the two to each other.

-You must also ensure that your toddler does not play with the dog unsupervised unless you 110% trust the dog around him or her. Initially, you have to supervise play moments with your toddlers and your dog.

This will further ensure safety and allow you to recognize to what degree they are both comfortable with and around each other.

-Teach your toddlers not to run from your dog because dogs will likely chase them. This may lead to physical injury, cuts or bruises from the dog jumping up on them or even trampling on them if the dog is a larger breed, etc.

The RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) reports that children are at the highest risk of being bitten by dogs. Therefore, every parent must take careful steps to keep his/her children safe from harm when it comes to them being around any dog.

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