11 Of The Cutest Mixed Dog Breeds

Every breed has charms, but mixing two together can make them even better! Here are the mixed breeds that people are just RAVING about.

The cockapoo
This beautiful dog is a cross between a cocker spaniel and a miniature or toy poodle. They have luscious curly hair with low shedding potential like the poodle, but the laid-back personality of the cocker. They are very active dogs that thrive on lots of attention.

The labradoodle
This mix of labrador retriever and standard poodle was an attempt to create a service dog that was hypoallergenic and didn’t shed. They didn’t breed true, but mixed pups were an instant hit because of their great personalities and beautiful wavy hair.

The chiweenie
If you like small dogs with short hair and lots of energy, these dachshund/chihuahua crosses are just the ticket! They come in various color patterns, ear shapes, and back lengths. All of them love cuddling and have lots of energy for walks.

The shih-poo
This smart, loving dog was obtained by breeding a shih-tsu with a toy poodle. They make excellent apartment dogs. They do not shed, are hypoallergenic, and require grooming.

The golden doodle
How could you resist a golden retriever crossed with a poodle? These dogs can combine the low shedding of the poodle with the outstanding personality of the golden retriever. They make wonderful family dogs, service dogs, and therapy dogs. They are medium to large dogs whose coats can resemble either parent.

The Poochi or Wapoo
These are toy poodle/chihuahua crosses. Their size varies from bigger than chihuahuas to smaller than poodles. They are hardy dogs with longish wavy hair.

The Poochon
Poochons are miniature poodles/bichon frise mixes. They have long, soft, nonshedding hair, are hypoallergenic, and need some grooming. They are adorable and smart.

The schnoodle
This cute baby crosses a miniature schnauzer with a miniature poodle. It will usually be halfway between the parents in size and weight, with hypoallergenic, soft, wavy hair. The personality can range from feisty to laid back.

The Puggle
This dog comes from breeding a pug with a beagle. It is a short haired dog, 18-20 pounds, with large expressive eyes. The puggle is fun loving and friendly.

This cross between pekingese and poodles has been around a long time, and with good reason! They can have curly or straight coats but always have adorable little faces. They are good watchdogs with sturdy bodies .They are also affectionate, smart, and do well in apartments.

Dogs just don’t come any cuter than yorkipoos! These yorkshire terrier/poodle mixes can be tiny to medium sized. Their fur is straight or wavy and hypoallergenic. They are intelligent, loving, happy, and fiercely devoted to their families.

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