Interesting Secrets Your Dog Already Knows About You

When you start to serve your dog their favorite food, play with them every day, and wash them once a month, they become your best friends. Chances are your dog loves you as much as you love them. But, do you know dogs have the special ability to detect certain human emotions?

They can detect when you are sad, upset, feeling sick, or mad at someone.
The reason why they become your best friend is that they know a lot about your emotions. Some pets even try to comfort their owners in tough times. Well, that’s actually cute. Let’s have a look at some interesting secrets that your dog probably knows about you.

They Know When You Don’t Like Someone

It is pretty hard for people to say if you like someone or not. But, dogs have the talent to know what’s going in your mind. When you are around someone you don’t like, your body stiffens and your breathing changes. So, it is not hard for your dogs to find out if you like someone or not. They observe your posture, emotions, and the way you act around people.

When You are Coming Home

Usually, people come home at a specific time. Dogs find it easier to learn your regular work schedule and expect you at home by a fixed time. They wait for you and get super excited when you get home.

That’s not even the best part! If you are late or you get home at an unusual time, then they listen to the sound of the cars passing by your house. Without even looking outside, they can tell if your car has arrived (by its noise). So, this cute pet does something that is almost impossible for a human. It feels lovely to have them waiting at the door for you.

If You Have a Fight With Someone

Even if you don’t have the habit of sharing your emotions with your loved ones, your dog has the ability to sense your upset or furious mood. If you have just had a fight with someone, you tend to talk in a clipped tone.

So, don’t think your dogs do not know anything. They can detect it by the way you are acting, opening closet and drawers nervously, and your body posture.

It’s easier for them to know if you have a fight with a family member. They feel sick when you behave that way and worst if you yell at your family member or your close friend in front of them.

When You are Going on a Trip

Your dog tries to collect all the clues about your departure. They already know about your vacation plans. Pulling your suitcase from your cupboard and packing your bags are enough for your dogs to know that you are leaving.

They also try to know for how long you will be gone. There is a chance your dog may feel anxious and mad at you for leaving them.

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