What Effect Does Music Have On Dogs?

The benefits of music for people are well known. Some tunes, especially classical ones, can reduce stress, anxiety, and insomnia, amongst other things. On the other hand, more energetic types of music can give us energy and motivation to perform a task or improve our concentration.

But can music have the same effect on animals, and particularly on dogs?
Although there are still few studies on the influence of music and how it affects a dog,experts claim that some rhythms reduce their stress.

Many people think that this is because certain types of music is able to camouflage the annoying sounds present in their environment, which can often be disturbing. Thus, it helps dogs feel calmer and reduces their anxiety levels.

But can it be any type of music?

The answer is no. There is something very important to keep in mind. Music is perceived by the ear, and this is one of the most acute senses in dogs, just after smell. Because of this, dogs can hear sounds that are even four times farther than those that humans can hear.

Therefore, if you play loud and aggressive music, it can likely irritate them or increase their stress. In general, music can be very beneficial for animals. In the case of dogs, it has been observed that classical music has a calming effect.

When you play the right type of soothing and gentle music, they become calmer, sleep more, and the level of their barking is significantly reduced. This fact makes us understand that this type of music can be a very useful tool to help with improving the overall quality of life for our pets.

Where can I find music for my dog?

We all love dogs and that’s no secret! Due to this fact, we now have a wide rang of options which give us the ability to provide good music for them. For instance, there are some radio stations and programs that have emerged to broadcast songs specially designed for cats and dogs. Search “dog calming music” on YouTube and you will also see lots of options to choose from.

Spotify has also created personalized lists for dogs and, in the United States, Dog TV was created as an innovative premium cable television network. Which is the first television network made specifically to entertain dogs. It was made with the help of specialists and is color-adjusted to attract and entertain them. It also features short segments that can help them relax as well as stimulate them.

Expert’s recommendations: Not all kinds of music are ideal for our dogs. However, three genres can be of great benefit to them, and they are Reggae, Soft Pop, R & B, and Classical music. Specialists also recommend keeping the volume at medium levels. Thus, they can relax and remain calm.

IMPORTANT: Pay attention to your dog’s behavior. Keep in mind that they will always react to the energy and whatever they hear or feel. In this sense, take into consideration the effect that whatever music you play has on your four legged friends. If they bark a lot and or become anxious, it is better to change genres or stop playing songs during that time.

2 thoughts on “What Effect Does Music Have On Dogs?

  1. ,i volunteer at a kennels and often notice that most enjoy classical music stations, unfortunately rock music sets them off and the roof is in danger of lifting, so yes i fully agree that we need to watch their reactions.

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