Protect Your Plants and Pets

Spring and summer plants provide color and scent, but they can also mean upset stomachs for the family pet.

As the growing months hit, homeowners enjoy watching their garden flowers bloom. But according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA),common plants like lilies, sago palms, tulips, azaleas and oleander can poison your dog.

Americans don’t have to choose between keeping a dog or planting flower pots. Yes, more than 700 plants cause toxic symptoms, ranging from mild nausea to death, in animals.

But homeowners can put poisonous house plants, like lilies and ferns, out of pets’ reach. High tables hanging baskets or window ledges can keep dogs from ingesting the roses.

Dogs need their exercise. As we’ve explained in previous articles, pent up energy and locking the dog indoors will only cause behavior problems.

Canines and landscaping can co-exist. In outdoor areas, fencing keeps them away from gardens, where everyday food plants like corn and tomatoes can poison pets.

For owners who cannot install wood or wire fences, or who want to see their landscaping without peering through wooden slats, electronic pet-containment systems provide a great option.

One system, The Spot On Virtual Smart Fence, uses a wireless containment solution to keep your pup within safe areas. All one has to do it follow a few simple steps to teach their dog to stay in the yard.

Manage it all from your smartphone. Simple and hassle free. The Spot On Virtual Smart Fence can be laid across pavement, water and rocky terrain. It allows avid gardeners and landscapers to enjoy their favorite summer plants without worrying about their dogs health. In turn, dogs can enjoy fresh air and exercise in safety.

For more information about The Spot On Virtual Smart Fence, >>CLICK HERE<<

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