Dogs and Cats – Friends or Enemies

There is a common misconception about dogs and cats as being mortal enemies to each other. This has become a very popular notion especially because nowadays you can watch on television cartoons where a cat is always being chased by a dog.

What people probably do not know is that dogs and cats share similar characteristic traits where both of them are considered among the predator group of animals. This means that they are preying animals or looking to catch another animal for food.


By nature a dog or a cat get very much excited once they sense strange or sudden movements around them. This is the reason why some cats pounce at any moving object, for instance a moving curtain that is being blown by the wind. They get excited by flying objects and swift moving tiny animals like mice and rats.

Dogs, on the other hand have the preying instinct to catch animals that are smaller in size than themselves, also known as the prey drive. Therefor people should always watch out and be careful even if their pet dogs are considered tame because their prey drive which may be dormant is instinctual.


Kittens get their training in catching prey when they play around with moving objects, even by chasing very own tail. When they grow older, their prey instinct takes over. Meanwhile dogs are motivated to start a chase when cats disturb the dog’s peace.

It would be very wise for the owners to protect these animals from hurting each other by practically putting them away from one another in separate areas in the house at first. If you plan to have both the dog and cat together inside the house and at the same time coexist peacefully then introduce them to each other gradually.


You may give the dog affection or a treat whenever it is able to ignore the taunting of the cat. A single cat should never be mingled or brought together in the company of two or more dogs right away. Remember that there is always the danger that any of the dogs might want to play catch a prey with the cat.

You should treat both animals equally with kindness and reward them with their good behavior. On the part of the ownerFind Article, patience is required until you are confident that they are used to each other. The end result is a beautiful thing once you are able to achieve a peaceful and harmonious coexistence between your dog and cat.

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