Yakutian Laika


The Yakutian Laika is an ancient working dog breed that originated in the Arctic seashore of the Sakha Republic. The major habitat is estuaries of Kolyma, Indigirka, Yana and Lena. In terms of functionality, Yakutian Laikas might serve as a reindeer herder’s dog, hunter’s dog, and a sled dog.

Scientific name: Canis lupus familiaris

Hypoallergenic: No

Weight: 50-65 lbs

Height: 21-23 inches

Colors: Double coat with a thick under coat, black and white or solid white, but it also comes in a tri-color pattern, white with spots,or brown and grey

Temperament: Gentle, loving, affectionate, but can get agressive towards what they consider as prey

Litter Size: 6-10 Puppies


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