Some Of The Ways A Dog Says I Love You


  • Cries When You Leave Or Come Home: When your dog cries hysterically when you leave or come home, it’s usually a great indicator of how much your dog loves you. This can happen no matter how long you are gone. It can even happen when you are in another room or just taking the trash out.
  • Calmly watches you leave: Dogs have a tendency of following you to the door and calmly watching you leave. This usually means your dog loves and trusts you and is confident that you will return.
  • Sleeping in your room: Most dogs love sleeping in the same room as their owners. Some sleep on the bed (which isn’t recommended) or in their crate right next to the bed. It shows loyalty and fear of separation from the pack.


  • Leaning next to you: Dogs love to have support and some form of security, so leaning on their owners gives them that satisfaction. Leaning can be a sign of anxiety or just a symbol of affection.
  • Plays catch: A dog would rather sit and chill, but it’s smart enough to know when to indulge in it’s owners love of throwing rubber and or tennis balls. All of this is out of love.
  • Smiles at you: Yes, your dog does actually smile at you. This could be to an under or overbite. Or because your a delightful owner who he or she loves dearly.
  • Looks you in the eye: Dogs enjoy staring their owners in the eye during normal interactions. According to studies, a chemical called oxytocin is released that helps bonding between new mothers and their babies. It’s also released when dogs play, touch or stare at you.

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