6 Interesting Dog Facts

Doggie Do’s and Don’ts:

  • Direct eye contact is an intimidating gesture in the canine world. Show appeasement, not confrontation.
  • Invading a dogs space is rude and can evoke predictable aggression. Turning away is a neutral gesture, showing friendship.

  • Encourage others to build positive association with your practice by bringing the dog in for their favorite treats regularly.

  • Make your presence a positive experience that lasts by appreciating that dogs don’t have to like you so don’t force them to. The more treats the better!


  • Capitalize on interactions with your dogs socialization exercises with other people to help build positive association: keep treats on you on walks and in every room of your house.
  • Remember that too much affection and at the wrong times does not make a dog happy. It makes them jealous (sometimes aggressive) when other people and dogs come close to you, insecure, anxious, over protective, and needy. Satisfying their instincts make them happy…

  • Giving affection in whatever state they are in often times encourages and nurtures unwanted behavior in most cases and makes them think it’s ok to feel that way.

    While a human feels they are comforting there puppy, a dog sees it as the human being weak, as you are not providing strong energy the dog can feed from when you don’t give them enough independence/space, rules, boundaries and limitations.

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