How To Stop Your Dog From Barking Too Much

Cows moo. Cats meow. Dogs bark. Sometimes, dogs bark way too much, and that can become a problem. But it’s not as difficult a problem to solve as a lot of people think.

I don’t think anyone wants their dog to never bark. A little barking at the right time can be very useful, whether it’s to alert you to someone or something approaching your home, or to scare away threats when you’re not there. The trick is to get to that Goldilocks zone of barking — not too little, not too much, but just right.

You might be surprised to hear it, but getting to “just right” is probably a lot easier than you think.


Why do Dogs Bark?

Before you can get to the fix for any problem, you have to understand the causes. In the case of barking, it can be either wanted or unwanted, so the first question to answer is why dogs even bark in the first place.

Simply put, they bark to communicate, particularly in situations where they cannot immediately see the rest of the pack or when they want to get a message to the entire pack. In the wild, the message can be a warning of danger or a call to the hunt. When it comes from the dogs at the front of the pack, it can a way to scare off a threat.

In the wild, though, dogs don’t bark all the time. In fact, they don’t bark a lot. They save it for when they really need it. But when your dog barks constantly at home, what is it they need?

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