Advice On Citronella No-Bark Collars

Dear Adam: I have a client who has just adopted a dog. The dog is adjusting to its new apartment, but is barking a bit when the owner leaves. A friend of hers has lent a citronella collar for her to try. My question is: Is there any health concerns with using the collar in … Continue reading Advice On Citronella No-Bark Collars

Choosing A Responsible Breeder

It is an exciting time when you get to bring home a new puppy. He quickly becomes part of your family and you create a bond with lots of cuddling, trips outside and walks in the park.

Choosing The Right Dog Bed For Your Pit Bull Terrier

When choosing the Rrght dog bed for your pit bull terrier, you should consider your Pit Bulls own individual needs and try to accommodate him.

Clicks Instead Of ‘Good Boy’ For Dog Training

Discover the advantages to using click and treat dog training at home.

Consider All Factors: Choosing the Family Dog

Before deciding on the dog that will become a part of your home and family there are several questions that you’ll need to ask yourself and honestly answer.

Correct Any Kind Of Upsetting Behavior With Dog Training Collars

Using a dog training collar is an efficient and safe way to correct your dogs unpleasant behavior.

CPR For Dogs

The concept of pet CPR is gaining much notoriety and is starting to be taught by organizations all over the country that formerly provided traditional CPR training and certification.